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My interest in how the body moves and functions was sparked at a very young age. I grew up surrounded by strong athletes, beginning ballet at age 4, which led to studying jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary and gymnastics continuing through high school, where I was a competitive dancer. I began Instructing and choreographing for various Studios across Southern Ontario teaching all levels of dance. As an adult, I continued my career as a Professional Dancer/Choreographer travelling North America performing for various artists, commercials, film and events over 20 years. (If CrossFit is a sport so is Dance) My passion for health and fitness lead me to CrossFit in 2015 where I fell in love with its diversity, intensity and the community at CrossFit Poise. Every workout leaves me challenged both physically and mentally, something I have yet to find in any other fitness endeavor. In April 2018 I completed my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification. As a new coach, I am grateful to witness how CrossFit empowers, inspires and motivates. It’s my goal to be the best coach I can be, inspire others to challenge their physical limits and feel accomplished, proud and wanting more!

• Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

• Standard First Aid, CPR, AED

• Nutrition coaching

• Personal Training

• Crazy Dog Mom & Kat’s Wife

CrossFit Poise is one of the many CrossFit affiliates throughout the country that offers some kick butt workouts with actual results.We do things that make sense like what we see in everyday life. No machines, Just Results!

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