My Crossfit journey started in 2009, then once 

I completed my CF-L1 trainers course early 2011, I fell in love with the Crossfit methodology and have never looked back! Couple months later, I joined The Crossfit Poise family and then shortly thereafter, Kendra asked me to be a Crossfit Poise trainer, and here I am. Prior to Crossfit, I had 8 years of Water-polo experience, but I probably am the only person waiting to walk into a Crossfit gym and see a swim in the WOD. 

Throuh my Crossfit journey, I’ve completed the CF Weightlifting Trainers course, the CF Basic and Advanced KettleBell trainers course. (Only trainer in Canada with the CF Advanced KB course). This knowledge has enabled me to start training people in Kettlebell Sport, which is a great compliment to Crossfit and a great way to vary Strength training. Also, being a member in the military, it’s not always easy to keep the intensity in training going while deployed. With Kettlebells, I’ve been succesful in programming for the field and programming movements in a way that relates to the job. 

I take a lot of pride in helping others achieve their goals, and I truly believe CF Poise is a leader in this endeavour. Which is why I love our Poise family, and there is no other gym I would rather coach at.

Canadian Forces Pilot, CF Level 1, basic CF KB instructor, Advanced CF KB instructor (only one in Canada) and Basic CF Weightlifting instructor. Also attended the 2017 Crossfit Health  Conference presented by Greg Glassman.

CrossFit Poise is one of the many CrossFit affiliates throughout the country that offers some kick butt workouts with actual results.We do things that make sense like what we see in everyday life. No machines, Just Results!

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