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One on one coaching  anywhere in Canada and the USA.  Monthly or 3 month bundle pricing is available. Breaking down your nutrient timing with your macro and micronutrients, how to fuel your body for your goals in a BALANCED way…. Creating a lasting lifestyle that works for you!

Want to be coached by me but don’t live in the area. This is perfect for you. I create a custom training plan utilizing periodic programming found through our initial assessment to help you achieve your goals faster whether you’re a weekend warrior or elite athlete.

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img_5612I had been doing crossfit for a few years and felt that I had hit a bit of a plateau. I wasn’t improving in the areas that I wanted to improve in and I felt that I wasn’t getting any closer to my goals. When I saw that DK Programs was taking new clients I jumped at the opportunity and started the very next day.


One of my goals that I had set was to increase my back squat, and within the first two months (three weeks of which were spent laying in bed with some kind of flu-plague) I was able to increase my back squat by just under 20%. DK Programs are so well done that even after pushing myself hard in the gym, my body is not sore the next day and I am ready for the next work out. The nutrition and the workout programs combined have pushed my performance to levels that I have never seen before. As a former Varsity Rugby player, I can say that today at 37 years old I am in the best shape of my life, without a doubt and I would run circles around the 24 year old me. If you are a couch potato, an athlete, someone who just wants to get fit, DK Programs will tailor everything to you and your goals. Don’t wait another second, sign up and become the best you there ever was.


Some of Tyler’s PR’s to date: 

  1. 20 + secs shaved off his 2KM row
  2. + 45lbs on his back squat 
  3. + 25lb on his squat clean
  4. + 20lbs on his squat snatch
  5. Large improvement in lactic endurance (increasing is 60sec effort output)
  6. Shaving 25% off his time in some re-tested aerobic efforts.

Tyler Sorsdahl
Canadian Armed Forces

kerri-lynn-dombroskieI have been with DK Programs for approximately one year, and to say I love DK Programs understatement. I started my fitness journey at Crossfit Poise and really enjoyed it, but given the distance I always struggled with consistency. Once my career as a Paramedic started it became even more difficult to make it in to train in a class setting given the long unpredictable hours and unknown schedule of the job. I made the decision to further my career and head back to school in the fall of 2015, where it became unmanageable to attend any Crossfit classes at all! A few months in to school, I could feel the negative impacts of not training. I knew I needed to make a change! I contacted Kendra at DK Programs and explained my situation. Kendra suggested I may benefit from the new Remote Training DK Programs was now offering! I was skeptical at first but knew I needed to jump in with two feet and trust the experts! Kendra worked with the equipment I had available to me , and made some affordable suggestions that would beneficial to add to what I already had at home. We discussed workouts that would be manageable with my schedule and most importantly, personal goals I had! DK Programs would send my workouts every week, which would include specific details, and instructions on how to complete the workout. I had to record and submit my workouts which held me accountable for my own progress. DK Programs would provide feedback and suggestions for improvements at the end of each week! They were always providing encouragement and frequently checking in to ensure I was on track! The workouts were manageable yet challenging and focused on helping me reach my goals! In the beginning I set goals that I never thought I would reach so quickly!! DK Programs has allowed me to be able complete strict Pull-ups (which has been a goal of mine for years), stay consistent, increase my overall muscle composition, and set personal records on ALL of my lifts!! Most importantly, DK Programs has improved my self confidence, my mental well being, and it has shown me hard work and dedication really does pay off! I don’t just recommend DK Programs, I encourage it! I promise you will look back on your own personal journey with DK Programs and wish you would have started sooner!!

Kerri-Lynn Dombroskie

I’ve always been an active person both in and out of the gym as well as a healthy eater.  For months now, I’ve done research on macro counting, different types of eating, calorie deficit and goal setting.  In setting my 2016 goals, I decided that I needed to outsource my nutrition and reached out to Kendra and so our friendship began.  Kendra and I touch base multiple times a week through email and although she don’t live near each other, it’s been an easy program to follow.

Since January 18th, 2016, Kendra has been training me remotely to help me reach my goals.  Essentially, weight loss is not my primary goal however, toning, gaining body mass, maximizing my workouts and hitting more PR’s is. The transition into changing my eating style was fairly easy with proper planning and I’ve been successfully able to follow this for 10 months now and I anticipate this as a new lifestyle change.  I don’t cook anything different for my family which makes this program beneficial to all.   I’ve lost 9.6 lbs, 11.25″, hit numerous PR’s and my workouts have intensified tremendously.

I can feel my body changing and my family and friends have noticed these changes as well.  I’m far from where I want to be but that much closer with Kendra’s guidance which has been invaluable.

Natashia Chartrand
Busy Mom 

I have been with DK for 7 months and I can say without doubt the best instruction and program quality I have ever received. I have been working out for many years and tried several different training methods in pursuit of find one that provides strength, speed, endurance and agility. No matter what program I followed it always fell short somewhere. Lift to heavy I can’t run, run to much I can’t lift.


I never bought into CrossFit until I joined a specialty team at work. You could say it’s where my journey began. I was awakened to the progressive and challenging yet condensed workouts putting it all out on the floor until the clock buzzes and despite its short yet high speed nature you are spent.


In my profession my physical fitness dictates my performance and overall safety therefore making it for me at least an issue of constant compliance.

I want to thank Dan and Kendra for the quality advice, attention to detail and dedication they make to the clients and the quality programming both fitness and nutrition based. I looking forward to hitting more PR’s under you watchful eye and guidance.


Some of Myles PR’s to date:

  1. 60lb increase on Back Squat 
  2. 30lb increase in the Power Snatch
  3. 40lb increase in the Clean 
  4. 40lb increase in the Jerk
  5. Increasing aerobic output as much as 30% across multiple mixed work tests

Myles Bennett
Police Officer
Marathon, ON

CrossFit Poise is one of the many CrossFit affiliates throughout the country that offers some kick butt workouts with actual results.We do things that make sense like what we see in everyday life. No machines, Just Results!

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