frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to get fit before starting Poise?

    If you are not new to fitness & weight training, just go ahead and jump into classes.

    If you are newer to fitness & weight training, it is ideal to book 3 1:1 sessions prior with one of our amazing coaches. OR if you are female you can start with the Women-Only Bootcamp.

    Everything is scalable and can be modified …. every movement and every workout until you are strong/fit enough to complete the workout as it is written (Rx’d). Progressing properly is key and your safety is important to us.

    Fitness is an ongoing pursuit. The most elite athlete can come into Poise and find a workout challenging. Nobody is “fit” enough. Regardless of your current fitness level, you will perform the workout as hard to you can getting more fit each day.

  • What can I expect on my first day?

    I know joining a gym can be very intimidating so your first day will not be very intense or hard. You will be lead through a warm up of basic movements, taught basic skills and then given a workout that we will make sure you will leave feeling like you to a great workout but in safe manner with movement modifications for all levels of fitness. If you have not worked out in a while (or ever) you will be encouraged to take your time and finish the workout at a lower intensity.

  • Can I do your classes or personal training with an injury such as neck or back?

    Yes, I have had a number of clients who have started at Poise with back, knee, or neck pain and have found relief by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. People often neglect exercising their lower back due to fear of re-injuring themselves and then end up with weakened, de-conditioned muscles and are more susceptible to injuries in the future. Every movement of the human body is scalable allowing anyone to take part. For example, if I have programmed deadlifts (picking up an object off the ground) you can scale it down using a PVC pipe or even just mimicking the movement as rehab.But please know everyone at Poise is very supportive and anyone is welcome to any class!

    Many members have successfully rehabilitated from minor injuries. Because people continue to move, work, and play in the real world regardless of injury history, I truly believe the best route to long-term health is to learn perfect form for functional movements. Slowly building strength in those movements, rather than to avoiding them altogether helps prevent further injury. I will work with you to scale and substitute exercises and tailor workouts to your abilities. That said, I cannot offer you specific medical advice, and advise that you consult your physician before starting this (or any other) exercise program.

  • Can I get a good workout in less than 30 minutes?

    Yes, more and more research shows that short, high intensity effort will produce better results than long and slow duration. If you run a 10k your intensity (power output) will be lower than if you run 400 meter sprints which will produce a high power output. Meaning you’re doing more work in less time. This is why you will be pushed you to your physiological and psychological tolerances during any given workout. No matter who you are or what workout you do, without hard work you will not receive results.

  • Am I too old or too young to start at your gym?

    Because CrossFit uses natural, functional movements anybody can do it. Kids today play on jungle gyms, run, jump, and throw and that’s exactly what we do in CrossFit. You are never too old to start working out! Moving around well into your older years is critical to independent living. Building a strong body is important no matter how old you are. Remember every workout is as hard as YOU make it.

  • How often do I need to come in?

    At Poise I recommend starting with 2-3 times a week and building from there. Ideally you dont want to workout more than 3 days in a row. I highly recommend 2 rest days a week (not back to back).

    BUT at the end of the day you have to do what feels right for you and your schedule. Listen to your body, fuel it properly and rest when it needs rest.

  • Is weightlifting dangerous?

    Absolutely we’re sure. We all have the same basic functional needs – stand up, sit down, push and pull on things, move quickly for short periods of time, move moderately for longer periods of time, pick up objects off the ground without injuries, etc. Life will present us all with random, unforeseen, and largely unknowable challenges and we better be prepared. Nature favors the broadest form of fitness and those that can handle anything. Whether you are a 75 year old woman interested in maintaining her independence or a firefighter training to live and save lives on your next call, your needs are the same. Those needs vary in degree, not kind and based on this we can take the principles of our fundamental movements  and scale them to fit almost any level of fitness.

    As more and more data accumulates on the implementation of strength and conditioning training, an interesting pattern has emerged. The highest rates of injury occur among those who do NOT train using functional movements. Lower rates of injury occurs among people who train functional movements with terrible form, and the lowest rates of injury are in those who train functional movements with good form. It turns out that moving your body the way it is designed to move is the safest way to train. Even doing it poorly is better than not doing it at all.

  • I'm a girl and I'm concerned about getting big bulky muscles. Is lifting weights going to make me bulk up?

    First of all, don’t be sucked in by the glossy images you see on magazine covers. That’s not fitness. Super sexy hard bodies are not the primary goal of the strength program, they just happen to be a very pleasant side effect.

    Second, it is extremely difficult for women to build muscle with *ahem* pharmaceutical intervention *ahem* and it takes years and years of intense, heavy training. It doesn’t happen by accident! What you’ll find first is your nagging flab starts to disappear. One day you’ll notice your arms look less wobbly and more solid and you can wear a tank top with confidence. You’ll see abs start to pop out and notice the lines of muscles you didn’t even know you had.

  • I don't have time for fitness.

    This isn’t really a question, it’s more of an excuse and we say “hogwash!”. If you’ve watched a movie or seen a TV show in the last week, you had time. We all have the same 24 hours in the day and it’s up to us how we allocate that precious resource. The fact is you are of little use to those around you if you don’t take time to care for yourself. Without your health, you have nothing.

    The good news is we don’t believe you need to spend 2 hours in the gym to get a good workout. We can kick your butt in 20 minutes or less and have you in and out of the gym in under an hour including time to change! The beauty of high intensity training is it’s over quickly and doesn’t need to take time away from the other important parts of your life.

  • Do you offer nutritional guidance?

    YES! Whether it’s for fat loss, muscle gain, performance enhancement, or just getting healthy… Go to Online Coaching Tab for more info.

FAQ is not enough?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to help.